7 Action Packed Adventures In The Land Of Dragons, HK.

Hong Kong is one of those dazzling cities that can be overwhelming at first, with non-stop sights, smells and sounds. Nonetheless, if you take a deep breath and dive right in, you will be richly rewarded with an exciting and diverse place that’s constantly changing and evolving.

Not convinced yet? Here are our top seven reasons for why Hong Kong should be at the top of your ‘to see’ list!

#7: Check out the Stunning Skyline

Those who love concrete jungles and sprawling metropolises will adore Hong Kong’s glistening skyline, especially at night. There’s something about sipping a cocktail from a rooftop bar (like Eyebar) overlooking the glamorous skyline to make you feel like a million dollars.

Another option to soak in the skyline – with a little more room to breathe – is aboard a ferry in the harbour. It’s best to time the cruise with the A Symphony of Lights show that sees 18 skyscrapers lit up in a visual spectacular of lights and sounds.

#6: It’s a Shopper’s Paradise

All of Asia has some pretty good shopping so to be considered as one of the best on the continent is pretty impressive. However, after an hour or so trawling through the colourful and varied markets and shops of Hong Kong, you’ll most likely agree with the accolade.

There are so many great shopping destinations in Hong Kong that it is hard to list them all – and half of the fun is discovering them by chance. However, some great places to start are at the many market stalls in Mongkok, or at glitzy Central which features all the top designer brands.

#5: Take Time Out in the Relaxing Parks

For an island city of over seven million, Hong Kong sure boasts more than its fair share of beautiful green spaces.

There’s Kowloon Park, a former army barracks that has been redeveloped into a sprawling park with children’s playgrounds, a maze and a pretty Chinese Garden, as well as the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, which are the oldest botanic gardens in the world. These parks – and the many others – are the perfect places to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

#4: Be Moved at the Beautiful Buddhist Sites

While some megacities seem to lack a soul, this could not be said for Hong Kong. Learn more about the religion and philosophy that has shaped Hong Kong by paying a visit to one of the many beautiful Buddhist sites in the city or just out of it.

The most famous of all is the imposing Big Buddha – the largest Buddha statue in the world. Travel up to the Big Buddha is by gondola with a glass bottom, which is an attraction in itself. After climbing the 250+ steps to the base of the Buddha, be sure to also visit the sacred Po Lim Monastery and have a tasty vegetarian meal.

While the Big Buddha is the most famous Buddhist attraction, there are also other sites, including the Wong Tai Sin temple or the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery.

#3: Explore the Outlying Islands

Once you’ve seen the main islands of Hong Kong, take a trip to see a side to the area that is frequently skipped over by tourists. There are a number of humble islands that are an easy daytrip from the city and show a fascinating other side to the region.

There are over 250 islands within reach of Hong Kong, however perhaps the most fascinating is UNESCO listed Tung Ping Chau which features interesting rock formations and has become exceptionally popular with hikers, campers and rock climbers.

#2: Let Your Inner Kid Loose at Hong Kong Disneyland.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is a certain magic about Disneyland. Experience that magic at Disneyland Hong Kong, which was the first Disney theme-park to open in China. There’s also a certain amusement of wandering down ‘Main Street USA’ in the middle of Lantau Island.

The Park is complete with all of the childhood favourites such as Mickey, Minnie and Snow White – as well as well-known thrill rides such as Space Mountain. Even if the rides are a bit too scary, it’s a simply magical place to visit and enjoy the parades, fireworks and other shows.

#1: Chow Down on Delectable Cuisine

It is impossible to talk about Hong Kong without raving about its food.

From the super cheap Michelin starred dim sum on offer at Tim Ho Wan to the endless street stalls where just the aroma will get your mouth watering, Hong Kong is undoubtedly a foodie’s paradise. Few places on Earth can compete with the delectable dishes that are on offer on seemingly every corner.

Dim sum is undoubtedly the dish most famous in Hong Kong, with many traditional options as well as the more quirky such as cartoon-themed dim sum. However, other treats from the sweet (such as pancake-like eggettes) to the strange (like stinky tofu) are also must-tries.

So, there you have it. Our top seven reasons to book that ticket to Hong Kong, right now!

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